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Build our study classes to build the party

This motion was passed unanimously at the recent CPGB-ML party congress

This congress recognises the hugely significant role that local study groups have played in the life of the party in the last two years and commends all those comrades who regularly take part.

Congress believes that these groups have played a role of decisive importance in building our party structures since the fifth congress. Establishing study groups that meet weekly has enabled the party not only to regularise its vital educational work, but also to strengthen its organisational structures, and increase its level of practical activity.

This congress affirms that a study class is not merely the place where comrades, new and old, are able to study the teachings of Marxism Leninism; a regular study class also provides the most practical forum for local members to arrange practical activities for the coming week. A regular study class is the obvious place to invite new contacts, recruit members and discuss important issues of the day. Our study classes, which are taking place around the country, are not turgid, sterile meetings but, on the contrary, are lively educational and social forums, forming the nucleus of really useful and active branches.

Congress therefore calls on the incoming central committee (CC) to do everything it can to strengthen support for these classes and expand our party’s network of study groups nationally.

Recognising that not all comrades live in close proximity to one another, this congress further calls on the CC to continue to help in organising monthly study classes in towns that are conveniently located for the greatest possible number of comrades living in any particular region – such as the series of meetings that have been held in Manchester this year. In areas where comrades are very isolated, the CC should continue its work of facilitating the process of establishing such classes and putting new comrades in touch with the members that are nearest to them, as well as giving guidance for individual and remote learning.

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